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Bluepat Patent Services is a start-up founded with a vision to simplify the logistics of Intellectual property research. Our solution is straightforward and time-tested. We develop one to one custom relationships with our clients and partners while adhering to the established best practices of entrepreneurial IP. We work towards bringing the ‘best-of-breed’ technologies into the legal arena to help manage, optimize and integrate mission-critical IP endeavour.

Services We Provide

Patent Search Services

One of the core strengths of Bluepat Patent Services is patent search. Bluepat Patent Services with its experienced dynamic team provide search services according to the client's needs.

Patent Analytics Services

The Patent analytics services are provided to update our clients on the new upcoming inventions in his chosen field of technology. The monitoring is performed in the technical or competitor field based on the client's requirements.

Patent Drafting Services

Bluepat Patent Services has very good experience and had filed several applications nationally and internationally. Our patent drafting services help clients to reduce drafting cost.

Trademark Services

Bluepat Patent Services are the expert trademark service providers to the customers seeking for an enhanced quality service. Our team consists of a qualified professionals and specialists who are well experienced in emphasizing the client's interest.

Patent Drawing Services

The drawings/ illustrations form an integral part of a patent application for better understanding of the invention. We provide patent drawings for inventors, entrepreneurs, corporations.

Copyright Services

We help our clients to obtain the full benefit of their copyright assets through registration and licensing, enforcing their copyrights where needed and preventing infringement of the copyrights of others.

Domain Name Dispute Services

Domain names have been given the status of a Trademark through various case laws, as these domain names serve the same purpose that of Trademarks in terms of differentiating goods and services of an organization.

Patent Prosecution

Patent prosecution refers to an interaction between applicant and patent office regarding grant of a pending patent application or regarding a registered patent.

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